Amid the chaos of daily changing news, markets, societal, organization and individual dynamics transformations and advancements, a solid, practical intuitive resource guarantees your message and informational architecture withstands for a win, win. 

Your story and needs should be defined and heard clearly and concisely despite weathering storms, market tide influences du jour that change frequently as the weather. 

Everyone has a story including individuals and those within the organization and the organization as a whole. This is part of the sum of needs defined and met with a synergistic approach understood. 

Who tells that story and represents your interests and needs guarantees navigation on the map and ensures that your ship sails.

With strategic visionary leadership, analytical systems process management and creative problem-solving and more than 20 years of experience as a non-profit and corporate communications/marketing leader, Nicole Nichols-Sanders ensures that your message is heard from concept to execution and a high-performing reality.


Public Relations, Marketing Communications, Content Production, Editing,

 Mediation Negotiations

Alternative Dispute, 

Policy Guidance,

Organizational Leadership and Change -Systems Management,

Web Management

Branding, Fundraising and

Event Planning, Education


Associated  Press Awards regional Southwest photography and news as an education editor, religion editor, and general assignment reporter, some work as an assistant producer for CBS, a lobbyist and education management professional with TechLine for Texas State Technical College, a press and media contact, speech writing for the higher education chancellor. Print, Photo, TV and some Web (hardcopies of clips and feed on CBS)

Addy's for design and copywriting South and Southeast for Sports industry - marketing, brochures, web, marketing plans, events, copy and design, listserve, and Golf Digest. Print and Web, Display, PR and Events  (hardcopies of clips)


Igniting Ministry Awarded multi-faceted funding for television, web, signage, and advertising complete funding - content published on the web for news, press releases and signage nonprofit Human Services in faith-based organizations. Print, Web, TV, Outdoor and Indoor Signage, Press Releases, Social Media 



Through 12 years as education management as a communication and technology department head and program director for promotions and culture community relations, lead scholastic journalism achievements to garner awards such as Pacemakers for Scholastic Journalism  (click to view) and STAR Awards Scholastic Journalism in Texas (click to view). 


A civil mediator with the Texas Association of  Mediators. For mediation work, please see: 


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